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BSA Workshop - December 4, 2013 • Raleigh, NC

Discuss compliance with BSA-related laws, rules, and regulations should be a top priority for every credit union. This program will cover the current issues in the examination process and the updated items your credit union must have in place in order to avoid regulatory problems. Learn more.

Ten Loan Ideas for 2013
Economists have predicted credit union loan growth to be about 5% in 2013.

Given my wizard-like math skills, I've calculated that with 5% loan growth and 4.8% deposit growth, we should return to our normal loan-to-share ratios just about the time Charlie Sheen's career gets back on track. Consider these two points regarding the forcast.

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Building and Defending Our Global Community
We operate locally, yet our markets have globalized.

Market forces are driven by global events. Credit unions worldwide face the same challenges, including pressures for greater efficiency, investments in technology and compliance issues.

As a global community with shared values, we have the opportunity to learn from each other, and the power to speak in one voice.

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